Ingrid Shanklin is a woman changing, growing and looking forward to the next abundant seasons of her life. Her experiences as a wife, mother, student and disciple have made her impactful and influential. Knovvn for her very practical and humorous approach, she employs both to touch the lives of men and women everywhere she goes.

A decorated Sergeant, she served in the United States Air Force in Europe and at the National Security Agency. After two enlistments, she was honorably discharged in 1991. The disciplines she learned will on active duty continue to shape her life and ministry to this day.

Mashed for 29 years to her husband Abraham Shanklin, Jr. and the mother of three children. Ingrid gleaned much of her training for ministry while serving as Chief Operating Officer of the Shanklin home.


The Grace of a King is an overcomer's story, a true testimony of the love and power of God at work in a surrendered life. This book examines the impact of peer pressure, a lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem in a young girl's life. A life is transformed in this poignant, transparent and honest account. Witness the progression of growth from one experience to the next. See the victor emerge as she discovers the unmistakable evidence and consistent pattern of abundant grace for herself. Laugh and cry as you go behind the scenes in the most intimate and heartbreaking seasons of her life. Empathize as you recognize your story being told with her words. Watch as the struggle from the cocoon of circumstance births someone totally changed by the grace of God. Be encouraged by recognizing that her story is not the only one of its kind. The grace of a king manifested in any life can bring deep inner healing and transformation. Buy From amaz% PayPI

"God is always gathering up the fragments of our lives so there will be nothing lost. The only thing broken in the kingdom is His (Christ) body: take, eat, all of it and be healed!"

- Minister Aaron J. Munson, Publisher


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